Indie Idol Wednesday Celebrates the (re)Birth of PLICPROCK

Welcome back, Artists Formerly Known as Parallel and Also Parallel Japan! We had reason to worry that you were going to be done, but you head-faked us all and re-launched as PLICPROCK and … well, as it’s being talked about in the Idolmetal group, here’s their re-debut show:

Cool outfits, too, like idolcore’s Maison Book Girl. Though, to be completely fair, while they included some old favorites in the set list, there was some stuff that I haven’t heard before. New stuff? Like, they could be going in a little bit of a different direction musically? It’s all good, especially if they don’t abandon the tight, intense dance at the core of their identity:

I’m not sure what this is, but it’s definitely Exhibit A in PLICPROCK v. Everybody Else Who Thinks They Can Dance

Also: Their Twitter remains a must-follow:

Also-also: How much do you think Asumi can squat?

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