In Which We Ask Ourselves, What the Hell, C-Style?

All right, so now, what is this? Maybe the tenth post in 15 where I could again express puzzlement at the very sudden and surprisingly pervasive infiltration of loudol by hip-hop* influences, perhaps best expressed in this post. Idols who just an album ago were yelling and growling and headbanging during breakdowns are now trying out their rap chops in sometimes surprising soundscapes. Which, fine, tastes change and you gotta change with them. But imagine my surprise when chika loudol long-timers C-Style dropped a new one the other day:

I– I mean, I don’t follow C-Style that closely, but I’m pretty sure that I never heard Sakura or Asari rap before, like not deliberately. After the initial surprise, though, I have to admit that this is a pretty fun tune, “play it again” fun, but maybe not “show the wife” fun. “Keep note of it for Best Collaboration” for sure. If only there were some clear indication of a way to buy it, or some association with a recent release! But for now, sure, YouTube playlists are a thing. Nice work all around!

If you’re interested, you can hear more TWISTARZ here, too.

*Though let’s almost acknowledge that this is more “fun party dance mix” than, like, Kool Moe Dee