So you’ve probably seen the news, that BABYMETAL, who through no fault of their own have had their entire reason for being (big-ass live shows) ripped out from under them, are going to release their very own version of a double-live gonzo album next week:

This was already announced a while ago, Twitter-diving shows, but it’s new to me dammit!

Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful. This is very much a Weekender item. So why am I blogging a whole-ass post out for it? Because, starters, it’s been a minute since the last time we had good reason to post a BABYMETAL thing, and also because I have now listened to the previews and deemed them good, and because today is a very special day, my very own Fox Day if you will, as it is the sixth anniversary of my first BABYMETAL experience (it was “Megitsune”), which is almost as life-defining as the time I decided to strike up a conversation with the person to whom I am now engaged to be married and also very easy to remember because it’s my brother’s birthday. So in honor of the unofficial beginning of Maniac and the eventual establishment of ye olde website, I blog a BABYMETAL post.

Anyway, here are tracks from each of the albums:

OG BABYMETAL is still intoxicating

It sounds very good! Like, of course it does — BABYMETAL the Product gets bagged on nowadays (and for good reason) but BABYMETAL the Performance is as great as it ever was. Of course I will stream this (frequently). I will very likely buy it. And then I’ll say snarky things about how Amuse still hasn’t solved The Yui Problem and that Moa now being in her 20s makes me wonder exactly when BABYMETAL transforms into a latter-day Nightwish or something. Consider it a preview for when I’m bored again in a few months and that coincides with a new need to suck a little bit of extra cash out of the project!