In Completely Unrelated News, Here’s yandoll’s One-man

I love referrals! This one was kind of funny, because I mentioned yandoll in passing a few days ago (re: groups with very tall members), and I noticed that I hadn’t done a single yandoll post in a few months at least, which is a shame because, while they kind of suck at getting stuff onto YouTube despite performing pretty regularly, I do like to keep them in the Idols for Quarterly Check-ins category at the very least.

Anyway, Norem, who you may know, hit me up yesterday with this video from yandoll’s second one-man last month:

Now, it’s worth pointing out that yandoll recently embarked on a favorite sales gimmick of mine, the ol’ sell-5,000-CDs-or-fire-a-member trick, which was definitely on pace to fail miserably until — miracle of miracles! — they “sold” all 5,000 copies right before the deadline, thereby sparing themselves the indignity of actually having to follow through on a ridiculous guarantee.

And yet here they are, a few months later; I actually don’t know if this was the free one-man they promised as a reward to their fans for buying all of the records, but it is a one-man with a band, which is pretty cool regardless. Because they always seem to do fairly well in things like Tokyo Candoll and Idol Matsuri, I have a tendency I think to inflate yandoll’s actual popularity a little bit, but I’ll say out loud that I always wish they could have a breakout moment get into TIF or something, but facts are facts and this is some real chika stuff that probably doesn’t belong in polite company.