In All Seriousness, Here’s Marionet’s First MV

All right, I think we got that out of our systems. We really sweated it down! Other fitness allusion! Did it work for you? I enjoyed it.

And on that note, let’s get back to serious business! Business that in reality I’m pretty late on, and almost missed until Andrew reminded me, and even then didn’t have the wherewithal to watch completely until Team was neck-deep in putting the finishing touches on this year’s big gag, so unfortunately the first real big visual presentation by Marionet is going to get some short shrift. It’s good short shrift though!

That’s really nice! I’ll admit that I first saw the preview shot and was kind of hoping for something anime-y more so than what we got, but it’s still cool visually, and a good song to put out into the world this way (for the first time). Reminder: This is from their first EP/mini album, and that’s out in a few weeks:

You should buy it! And if you’re genuinely questioning why that is, perhaps acquainting yourself with one of last year’s best debuts will be a good idea that you can do here.