In a Very Important Friday Tradition, We Have New STARMARIE

When was the last time we got to do a STARMARIE post? I know things have been weird out there, but Friday and STARMARIE used to go together like spaghetti and meat sauce (which is to say, deliciously). Yeah, more often than not it was just live clips, but what’s wrong with that? Truth be told, ol’ STARMARIE hasn’t done a whole lot of new material in recent times, and IIRC it’s been almost a year since their last release, and nowadays Homicidols Dot Com really relies on those new releases to have things to talk about.

BUT THIS IS A STARMARIE POST, and if there’s one thing that STARMARIE has always been good at providing, it’s cool idorock befitting their gimmick as like guardians of esoteric knowledge or what have you, but actually more precisely it’s cool idorock that works well as theme songs for other media. And here we are again! I was very pleased to find that STARMARIE had a whole new MV for a whole new song, like just generally, and deeply unsurprised to see that it’s a theme for a movie:

That is some good-ass hard idorock, you guys. Granted that it’s meant for entertaining multimedia and all, but this is a great example of how well you can put pop melody together with cool loud guitar stuff and fairly aggressive rhythms to make a uniquely fun-to-listen-to piece of music. And that basically sums up STARMARIE’s catalog — accessible rock-adjacent songs, somewhat esoterically themed, bursting with melody and energy.

For the uninitiated, we’ve been talking a lot lately about long-time units, and it must be said that STARMARIE’s been touring this summer for their 13th anniversary. There are idol projects that barely make it 13 weeks, let alone years, so major kudos to them.

Now make another album as good as FANTASY THEATER please and thanks.