I’m Really Late to IVOLVE’s MV But Wanted You to Have It

Yeah, welcome back to another edition of Posts Maniac Meant to Quickly Write During His Break, and this is one that I actually responded to in real time as opposed to setting it up ahead of time. But after I was completely all-in on what IVOLVE was giving with their new song that doesn’t have anything to do with this single release, I felt like it was only right to follow up with the single itself, or I guess the second song from it because we already trod this ground:

And holy crap, it’s a nanoCUNE number.

For those not in the know, nanoCUNE was part of the Mad Magazine records family, along with big ol’ notables FRUITPOCHETTE and OG Himekyun Fruit Can, a junior unit (hence the name) that did some good tunes but ultimately kind of sputtered out as part of that whole the-entire-label-is-convulsing-why thing now almost three years ago. A different version kept it up for a little while, only to be ended, and then as far as I know the only direct connection between that and IVOLVE is one of the members. Which, when you think about it, is kind of neat.

Anyway, buy the single, and they have a one-man coming up on Sunday. Get your IVOLVE on!