I’m Pretty Okay with ‘LADY BABY BLUE’

I didn’t intentionally not do anything with the latest video from The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby yesterday; one only has so much time, and priorities and juggling and whatnot, but I enjoyed having the bonus of perspective from people’s reactions to this one:

The first thing, obviously, is that it doesn’t really sound like a regular Ladybaby song, you know?

So I knew that going in (I was also reminded that this was written by Seiko Oomori); I also knew that some folks were disappointed, which can be said of just about any musical release ever, but Ladybaby fans are usually pretty supportive of what the group does, I’ve found (like when I got called out for liking last spring’s single, for instance), so for there to be a negative reaction from among self-identified fans, that was a new one.

I listened, then, with fairly low expectations, and I’ll go ahead and admit it: This is fine! It’s definitely not loud, per se, but it is a little rock ballad of the type that’s increasingly common among idols of all stripes. Like, it doesn’t sound like something that your Yanamyus would do, but tell me that you can’t hear similar elements to something that Current BiS might put out, or immediately post-POP GANG PARADE.

It’s not setting the world on fire, and it’s repetitive to a fault, but it’s fine. It’s fine! And if, as some have suggested, it’s a direction that TIFKAL ultimately takes in a post-Beard world, then doing so is just following a little bit of trend and no big deal.

5 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Okay with ‘LADY BABY BLUE’

  1. After lurking for a bit i decided to sign up, so i can make comments.

    i like this. i like this style of song, and it helps there isn’t a male background vocal in the song. I don’t want the girls to give up their harder side, but a mix of this with that would be fine with me. i also like rie being involved in the mv is nice.

  2. I already wrote about my feelings of this song yesterday in the Rei interview post. But I again say I really like this one and it’s proves the girls can survive without a male vocal being a part. I also think their vocals combine very well in this less aggressive song. Yes perhaps I would miss also the harder side. But I wouldn’t mind either this softer direction. But I guess they will keep things varied just as most idol group do. So I don’t think they will go totally soft on us.
    Ahead in harder songs I wish they skip the male vocals completely and why not let Rei growl….she certainly could I think. Well there are occasions one has heard her scream and it sounded good. Already in Brats she sings a bit darker and more aggressive. And she could let some steam out on those who hate her 🙂

    Anyway…yesterday I perhaps listened to it 4 times. Today I been repeating it over and over again. After I did a long distance cross country ski today I laid on the floor floating in the trip that comes after a long distance exercise and I listened to this song on repeat over and over again. It was really amazing. Especially the parts where they repeat Lady Baby Blue 🙂

    I wish the music could been a bit more natural sounding and not that produced. The drums could been partly softer sounding.

  3. I’d rather they follow this trend that the pseudo-edgy wannabe babymetal trend that they were with the beard

  4. It doesnt need be super heavy all the time, I’ll never get enough of japanese bands and acts doing 90s alternative pop style stuff like this. its a nice song with a cute video.

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