I’m More Than Ready for Zekkyou’s Album with I love you Orchestra

When we last checked in on Screaming Sixties, Zekkyou had just won a big ol’ idoling contest by being that much cooler than the competition. But when we last checked in on them before that, they were gearing up for a joint album and tour doodad with I love you Orchestra (as opposed to their traditional support band, 6% Is Mine).

That was a while ago, but now, finally, we get this cruel tease:

Zekkyou won the Collaboration of the Year award last year on the strength of their consistently great work with 6% Is Mine, but there’s no reason to think that they’d do anything less awesome with IlyO, and I think this backs that up. And it’s just the trailer! Imagine what kinds of sonic fury await deeper in the bowels of some of those songs.

July 5. Hold on to your butts. Or get your pre-orders in, whichever, it’s none of my business.

I still think it should be called Zekkyou I Love You. Feh.