I’m Definitely Feeling Banmon!’s New Single

If Band ja Naimon! wants to keep cranking out this kind of energy, I’m going to keep trying to get people into them:

As with last time, I never fail to be energized by the sheer mania of denpa song; even when the actual BPM is somewhere within the realms of reason, the level of frenetic that this music can accomplish is really something else. It’s like what would would have happened had the punk desire to go simpler, faster and purer had instead been the province of early electronic composers. It’s just such a ridiculous good time.

Anyway, “METAMORISER” here is their fifth single, going on sale tomorrow, same day as Guso Drop. The juxtaposition thereupon is hilarious to me, and it is in no way ironic nor notable in that case that the #PainfullyViolent campaign will happen within a week, because this is Homicidols.com, and loud always wins.

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