I’m Bringing in Ska Idols for Indie Idol Wednesday

By some odd stroke of luck, I wound up with a plethora of stuff that would be good for Indie Idol Wednesday, you guys, but I felt like I was going to wind up treading a little too closely to familiar territory, so I wracked all 19 remaining brain cells to think of somebody to visit who might be off the beaten path, and then I remembered …

The Ska Idol Project! Neither Like,Hate,Love nor her sisters in Snowdrop did very well in the Corenament, but such is the story for a great many things. It’s nice to see, though, that they’re still staying busy and getting onto various festival stages in addition to the usual club scene:

That’s Snowdrop, who can get up to some unexpected stuff. This little bit is sort of in the Billie Idle range of punkier rock, which, thank you.

As for Like,Hate,Love …

No idea, but I’m having Benny Hill flashbacks.

This whole little family group, I wish they got more stuff online. They’re interesting and prove that, in addition to idols being able to do whatever, almost anybody who wants to idol can idol.