I’m Breathing Easier Because of This BILLIE IDLE News

Man, was I glad to wake up to see this from BILLIE IDLE; in addition to just generally being awesome and on an absolute roll since last year’s membership difficulties, I admit again to having had trepidation on account of their most recent work being a Best Of / live double album. Such things are usually not harbingers of long stretches of continued growth and activity! One could be forgiven for thinking that they might disband!

But no, absolutely not, BILLIE IDLE will actually never die because no, they will not shut up.

Anyway, new single:

August 23. Promo tour starts about a month prior. Expect a July PV!

Of course, pure human effervescence itself, First Summer Cormorant Squid, communicates the excitement of closing one tour only to announce another new release with another tour attached to promote it in the only way she knows how — by radiating perfection:

Yeah yeah, I know, I normally do discourage actual idol worship, but I think the literal kami-sama-oshi is an exception.

2 thoughts on “I’m Breathing Easier Because of This BILLIE IDLE News

  1. It’s so weird to me that the Momose sistahz don’t have a social media presence at all, much less a label-mandated one. Maybe they saw Yasui’s one-in-a-million Instagram account as a cautionary tale. “Membership difficulties,” how dare you. I’m still investigating theories that Yasui Yuuhi is an A.R.G.
    also lmao, are we gonna call FSU “FSCS” from now on?

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