I’m Afraid of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s New Member, And She Hasn’t Even Debuted Yet

The first thing that’s important is that there is a new member, who will wear pink and be called Toga Ren.

Her handle is @togaren; her name for no particular reason reminds me of Mola Ram. But get this:

According to our intrepid Official Codomomental Translator, Toga Ren is like dropping a vengeful angel into the world after the Fall. The characters in her name are “Blame, Mercy, and No. So it’s blame, no mercy.” That’s quite fitting for a group called It’s All Your Fault; I like adding the second reading onto it, that this is the member who’ll point cruel fingers and pass crueler judgments on mischievous members.

Why? Because Toga Ren is shortened to Togare, “which can be interpreted as ‘to look displeased/sour.’” She’s ready to make life uncomfortable for the old regime, and all under the guise of being the pink member. She also knows about all of our sins and will probably be assigning people to heaven or hell based on what their eyes communicate about them in the handshake line.

The big Zenkimi year-ender (and presumptive farewell show for Gomochi) is Friday. Hold on to your butts.