I’m Afraid of What This Zenkimi MIXCD Is All About

Oh neat, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da just announced the release of a MIXCD (I’m guessing a collection of prior releases mixed up and/or remixes of said things) “There’s no sense!” on Oct. 26.

Click through. The track list and other details are within, and they’re great. I mean, you do want “WORLD eND CRISIS” on a disk, right?

But that’s kind of weird, isn’t it?

We know that something is afoot over there; this is the second Saturday (and while participating at a rock festival, no less) that Zenkimi made a really jarring announcement. First the auditions, and now a CD. Promoted on a Saturday (that is, the second-deadest idol media day), just kind of tucked in at 22:00 — a perfectly normal time to announce things otherwise, but a burial on a Saturday (IMO).

If somebody’s more well-versed in the business move here, I’d love to get input. I want to say, “I bet they need money, like immediately,” because that’s the only reason I can think to super quickly push out a reissue, but then why announce that at such an odd time? Unless they really need the money, of course, and they can worry about people catching up with the subsequent announcements to follow.

But why need money? Those ZEPP shows were probably expensive to stage, and maybe sales weren’t as great as they hoped. Maybe their big one-man in December is already running them into the black at a time when the company is trying to stand up and support several other projects, too. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and the issue isn’t that they have a dire need for money, but an opportunistic one — they’d like to be able to do Something X, but it would really push the budget, so here’s a way to fund it without going completely off the rails.

Or … another way of running this over Occam’s Razor is to put “money” and “auditions” together … and would you really be upset if there were another yami-kawaii sister group?

Or Mashiro needs a new pair of shoes. I dunno.

So see below; this sucker’s actually going to be free. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Regardless of it all, I think the Whatever is straightforward and legitimate. Codomomental hasn’t shown any kind of taste for messing with fans; the talent and product may be twisted, but there’s no need to do business that way. So stay tuned!

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