If You’ve Wondered about Chemical Reaction Lately, Here’s What’s Happening

Happy Monday, you goofs! I hope you had a good weekend; I began a very long bit of time away from home for a very important conference for Day Job’s line of work, and there’s a good chance that you’ll see this at about the time that I’ll be making a fairly significant presentation. It’s been on my mind a lot! But idol doesn’t sleep, and I’d frankly rather be listening to music and making fart jokes on the Internet than worrying about impressing a bunch of Leaders in the Field, so here I am with stuff for you!

In this case: Chemical Reaction! I was curious as to why hits from search were occasionally including “chemicari” lately; knowing that to be the shorthand for Chemical Reaction, I figured that they either had more fans that I reckoned (for the record: they should have lots of fans), or something was afoot and I should probably check in on them. It only took a couple of weeks!

As it turns out, the What isn’t something new, but little releases from a record they put out as a venue-only release a couple of months ago:

Multiple songs! In multiple versions!

They’re so good; kind of like Yanakoto Sotto Mute (hint hint), they sound much less like idorock than a more contemporary version of Himekyun Fruit Can. I wish they had a higher profile just so it’d be easier to get their stuff.

Also, somebody tell me that this says that they’re taking up instruments to be like a band, because that’s kind of how the machine translation reads and I’d be happily impressed if it were true:

That’s Chemicari. It’s been a while since last checking in on them, but, you know, they’re good.

Happy Monday.