If You Weren’t Awake Yet, You Are Now

Prepare yourself for the most grating part of your day. Fortunately, you’ll like what comes after it.

Say hello to Genshoku Theatre (Twitter), who Jordan very enthusiastically shared with the world the other night. I agree with the premise; yeah, it’s a band, but it’s a band with an idol out in front of it, and there shouldn’t be much question about whether she’s an idol because the band’s motto.

I mean, this is some pretty good stuff if you like the juxtaposition of clean idol vocals with (some) serious harshness.

They just put out this video last week:

And here’s one for the batshit-genre-elements-and-boozy-idols aficionados out there:

Seriously, people in Japan drink Zima? Why?

I thought this was an interesting discovery, at any rate. They seem to be making some moves this year, so let’s hope to hear more from them soon.