If You Wanted a Preview of PassCode’s ‘bite the bullet,’ Now’s the Time

I don’t want to say too much about it because I’m sure that the video’s impending (and possibly even available in all countries right away this time!), but definitely check this out:

You never fail me, PassCode.

It flips the script from “MISS UNLIMITED”, though, doesn’t it? That one had the it’s-PassCode-but-pretty-safe-by-their-standards title track, plus the sonic face destruction of “TRACE” and the slightly toned down “Cry Out”; here, the aggression’s all up front (almost nu-metal!), with turns toward PassCode’s other major moves (the poppy number! the “XYZ”!) on the B-sides.

It’s good! I’m sure the record will be solid, and the “bite the bullet” video will be cool.

3 thoughts on “If You Wanted a Preview of PassCode’s ‘bite the bullet,’ Now’s the Time

  1. Japanese idol groups pretty much always get the cadence, rhythm and delivery of rap completely wrong in a way that really makes me cringe, this is no exception.
    It’s a big negative on a song that seems kind of interesting instrumentally. :/ Let’s see how much of it is in the full song.

    And that B-side is pretty much the usual alt-idol derivative adult contempo piano rock bullshit put through a Passcode filter.

  2. Sounds like PassCode took a page out of the BiSH playbook for song two.
    It’s kinda the reverse of the “Promise The Star” single, with harder edge leading the way and the more “accessible” track taking the b-side.

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