If You Haven’t Already, It’s Very Easy to Get Erisu’s New Single

Sorry Erisu! I had meant to do more with this much sooner, but here we are, the week is almost out and I haven’t said a blessed thing about your new single. So: Everybody, guess what, Erisu has a new single out! And apparently declared war on some underling of Brian’s!

Yes. I’m in deep like with traditional heavy metal of late, and I always like proggy stuff, so please do mass produce this at a slightly more intense pace than the ‘rona vaccines and inject all of it directly into my veins. I don’t know if you all are familiar with just-barely-pre-metal band called Coven, but I feel a lot of similarities between the two, all deep, murky, clearly esoteric and mysterious hard rock/metal … well, Coven did have a woman singing, but she notably only did cleans, the coward.

You get it for free from Bandcamp!

Also, if you were one of the smarties playing the scavenger hunt game, I hate to alarm you but the game has been won and let’s all be honest with ourselves and admit that there was basically no way to win this from outside of Italy, which is fine I guess.

And thus brings us to an era of international loudol that I never really expected but probably should have, and that’s a very exciting proposition, isn’t it?