If You Hadn’t Yet Bought SPARK SPEAKER’s New Album, Maybe Now You Will

As you are no doubt aware, SPARK SPEAKER, who are good and cool, have a new album to promote, their second, THE WORLD IS MIND (which had better be a Scarface reference or I riot), and it’s already gotten added-bonus attention from fans because of a demonstrable shift in sound, which we got a flavor of from “paradigm shift”. Everybody who commented on that, from a position of knowledge, agreed that it was at least an interesting move, and that the album was in fact quite good and worth grabbing.

Well, gang, if you’re not among that esteemed company, here’s your chance for a meaningful taste of the whole shebang:

Just the tiniest bit disappointed that “WALK” isn’t a cover

That’s a nice mix of updated sound and some stuff that would fit comfortably within their older soundscapes, plus some branching out even further. “Hello My Life, Thanks My Life” is something that just about everybody should try to get into, you know?

The album is … well, it’s already out. This is weird timing for a trailer! But maybe it’s sensible timing for a trailer because SPARK SPEAKER needs you to buy the album, which you clearly should do because listen to that trailer!