If You Hadn’t Caught the New XTEEN Yet, Now You Have

I’ll admit, I was kind of confused yesterday when I took a few minutes to open up YouTube and gather some stuff for the Weekender, because right there on my home screen was this big, blaring new thing from XTEEN. “Hey wait a minute” I said to myself, “I don’t remember seeing anything about this and hasn’t it been a little while since they released that single?” And the answer is yes! And after a moment’s confusion about why now for the MV, I realized first that, this is idol, it does what it does, but then also I recalled the literal song about Friday the 13th that’s on the record, and it all made sense then.

So here you go! Your luck was actually pretty good yesterday after all:

I have so, so many thoughts about this. What was I saying in the Weekender about absolute positivity? Let’s use that.

  1. I watched this and flashed back to my first (and favorite) Lyric Holic MV so hard that I got a migraine
  2. In what I think was the first time that I was on the A-to-J podcast, Manuel was criticizing Necroma for sounding like their music was recorded in a closet, and while I was like “yeah sure” because I was trying to be a good guest, people in the chat were more “that’s how black metal works, my dude” and it got awkward after a minute, but the point was that a creative decision having its desired effect can really only be critiqued in the context of the decision, not the outcome, and when that decision is less a decision and more a genre requirement, well don’t you look silly? Anyway, this is punk, man.
  3. That guitar solo, though
  4. I won’t ever not enjoy idol’s inability to completely sell a darkness or horror motif (except Necroma, apparently) because the pathological need to have a idol-style chorus means at least some degree of brightness
  5. And you know, this song is a perfect example of how traditional punk styles and the whoa-whoa lines are pretty much perfect for idol
  6. I’d be remiss if this didn’t extra-double confirm Hinako’s personal star power

So does all of that mean that XTEEN is, in fact, the new black? We’ll see! 2020 looms ahead, addled with potential to be a great one.