Idols Were Descended From Primates, Confirmed

Last time in the ongoing soap opera that is THE BANANA MONKEYS, they gained two chimps, lost one, and… actually, that’s pretty much it. Seriously! I guess after Belle Delphine stole their bathwater idea and got more fame from it, Banamanagement felt a little discouraged.

Oh wait, they just released a new music video. Never mind!

Yeah, uh… I don’t really get this either. Is this some kind of symbolism? Trying to tell a message about the state of the modern idol industry? Or was management drunk again? 

In an attempt to present my feelings in a manner that is somewhat understandable, I decided to present my thoughts as a top 5 list:

  1. Good lord that CGI.
  2. Is this one big Sentimental Train reference?
  3. Was that the recently-departed Asuka Rei being carried out on a stretcher at the start?
  4. Someone’s been playing Katamari Damacy!
  5. This: