NEO JAPONISM Brings the Fight to US Shores

NEO JAPONISM hits American shores later this week to kick off TOUSHINRANBU, their very first US tour. It is an ambitious first venture to the States, with eleven shows in cities up-and-down both coasts including a stop at the iconic Viper Room and a tour final in Las Vegas.


For the latest tour info keep checking this page: 

It is updated periodically as more details become available and tickets go on sale at the various venues (FYI: tickets for the Viper Room show went on sale this past weekend).

While many of our readers will know NEO JAPONISM as long time members of the chika idol A-list, we thought this would be perfect time to profile the group for anyone who may not be too familiar with them or is on the fence about catching one of their tour dates as they roll through the States.  

NEO JAPONISM Fight for the Right

NEO JAPONISM originally formed in 2017, with the current lineup debuting in late  2019. They are notorious for combining hard rock and emotional vocals with high energy dance to produce some of the most intense live performances in the indie idol scene.  

Their concept is simply, “Fight,” which they define as never running away from difficulties and facing all challenges no matter what: “We fight today so that you can live tomorrow.”

One of their signature songs is appropriately titled, “Fight for the Right”, and for an idea of what the group is capable of live, it also makes for a perfect introduction:

Their musical influences span a diverse array of hard rock genres from pop punk and industrial to nu metal and djent with forays into electronic. Their primary music producer, Saya, is a former V-Kei guitarist who also works with SCRAMBLES (with credits on songs for BiS, GANG PARADE, and PEDRO). NEO JAPONISM’s influences are broad and their catalog runs deep. They are one of the more productive units in indie idol, dropping a new release every few months (eg. five this year alone).

They also put our some pretty slick MVs.

Let’s Meet the Members


Sayaka Tatsumi (nickname: Saa-chan) is NEO JAPONISM’s leader and choreographer. She has been preforming as an idol and creating choreography since she was in high school. She auditioned for NEO JAPONISM as she always liked their music (especially, “Lobotomy Land”) and worldview and thought that she could make it even cooler. She has developed choreography for other units as well including INUWASI, and sees herself as a creative artist who performs as an idol.

She fully expects to stand with NEO JAPONISM on stage at the Budokan.


Miruka Seto is the youngest member of NEO JAPONISM and it’s center.  She initially  joined the entertainment industry as an excuse to get out of going to school. While working at a maid café, she learned that her favorite idol group, NEO JAPONISM, was holding auditions and applied. She did not even own a passport at the time of the surprise announcement of the American tour, so this will be her first time leaving Japan.

She is an active cosplayer who regularly appears at Comiket, and also streams cooking demonstrations on her Twitcasting channel.


Ai Asakura (nickname: Aimin) is known for being small in stature, but having a big presence on stage. She moved to Tokyo on her own while still in high school to pursue her dream of being of idol. She is an former member of Sakidori Hasshinkyoku where she befriended Miyu Fukuda who she would later encourage to join her in NEO JAPONISM.  This will be her first time performing overseas.

She is typically assigned the impactful vocals in their songs, including rap verses. She takes the center in “World Parade,” which has come to be considered her theme song.



Miyu Fukuda (nickname: Mii-tan) is NEO JAPONISM’s second vocalist and diva of dance. She used to work as a model until she was scouted for the idol unit Sakidori Hasshinkyoku alongside Ai Asakura. After the unit disbanded, she began working as a dental assistant until Aimin reached out and encouraged her to audition for NEO JAPONISM.

She has a YouTube channel where she performs anisong covers and streams herself playing video games. She is also a huge fan of One Piece and says if she ever stops being an idol, she is heading out to sea.


Hinano Takizawa is described as “NEO JAPONISM’s main vocalist and live monster.” She was raised by musicians and claims she attended her first live at one years old and was listening to NINGEN ISU in the womb. She wears her hair over her eyes as an influence from the Ramones and her vocal idols include Cyndi Lauper. 

She has written the music and lyrics for multiple NEO JAPONISM songs including “Susume” and “Shiawase Nanda”. She also maintains her own YouTube channel where she posts some stellar covers including this amazing take on a Joan Jett classic that ranks among my favorite idol moments of 2023.

So that should give you an idea of what to expect as NEO JAPONISM looks to spend the next few weeks in US. For an even better idea of what they are bringing to our American stages, here’s the full PV of their recent oneman live at ZEPP DIVERCITY.

See you on tour!