Idols Got Talent: Kagura

I just looked at the ol’ drafts queue and thought, you know, I only have about 100 things that I could make EXCEPTIONAL WEB CONTENT about, but I think instead I’ll just go ahead and default to something easy and, frankly, a series that hasn’t been getting much attention lately, which I’m using as an excuse because I’m feeling ever so lazy at the moment.

The other day! I believe it was Saturday. Am I Bored? hit me up on Twitter to reference a wonderful juxtaposition of talent and celebration of why you should never, ever pigeonhole an idol:

That’s Kagura, aka the demon-voiced young woman responsible for the high parts in Broken By The Scream’s two-headed harsh vocal extravaganza. Also aka, apparently, a working-on-it pianist who probably understands a thing or two about music beyond “I learned a singing technique that makes me sound like a minion of forces darker than the darkest night.” Yeah, her rendition of “Senbonzakura”* needs work, but why the hell are you following idols if you only want to see and hear perfectly coiffed final products?

I say, let the hellspawn have her fun and see if she can’t pull an Axl-Rose-in-November-Rain kind of thing, but more evil.

*I’m an idiot

One thought on “Idols Got Talent: Kagura

  1. Along those lines Fuko from SPARK SPEAKER plays the drums and posted a short video a few days back of her practicing. She’s surprisingly good!

    Her Instagram is also full of her own art (including stuff she’s made to promote upcoming lives) and she’s a hella talented artist too. Just to drive home that she’s awesome she’ll occasionally post stuff she’s listening to and it’s a lot of old punk, alt-rock and bands like THE NOVEMBERS.

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