Idols Fangirl as Hard as We Do

All apologies to the author (our friend @weeaboowitch), but I, Maniac, am going to intervene just a little bit and write an extra intro.

Kerrie’s piece is on Pour Lui’s enormous musical crush on one of the most idol things to ever idol, Morning Musume, and somewhat additionally on Oomori Seiko, who you either know and love or are about to meet. Given additional context, Michishige Sayumi, a long-time member of Morning Musume and one of the group’s former leaders, blogged today for the first time in two years, and idol Twitter lost its collective shit. Sayumi is even a big focus of the below. I hold this up for you to look at if you’re not as acquainted with idol culture — this is idol culture, and it’s hard to avoid in Japan even if you want to; it’s so pervasive that it even sucks in people dedicated to annihilating idol culture, as Kerrie point out. Plus, there’s a lot of mutual love on our side of the fence; Ai from Malcolm Mask McLaren, for instance, loves PassCode and PIIIIIIIN and Fruitpochette so much that she lists them in her Twitter bio. /Manic

For Pour Lui fans out there, Henkka at lovingly translated an interview with her and sort-of anti-idol singer-songwriter Oomori Seiko from the Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK that came out around 2013.

The whole interview is pretty much just the two of them discussing how Hello! Project, Morning Musume in particular, influenced their careers, their favourite songs, members, etc. Even if you’re not a Morning Musume fan, it’s still fascinating to read about how a group that’s pretty much a middle finger to the modern idol industry could come out of love for one of Japan’s most famous idol groups.

Go check out the interview here.

Also, if you haven’t heard of Oomori Seiko already, first off, I hope your vacation was nice. Second, go check her out, especially if you’re a BiS fan, as she’s not only performed with them in the past …

… but she’s also written for Terashima Yufu, and Megumon appears in one of her music videos, so you know she’s something special!

To close this off, here’s some pics of Lui losing it over her hero.

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  1. Speaking of idols who love idols, when I went to see Yukueshirezutsurezure at Tokyo Calling a few weeks ago I staked out a spot in the second row. Just before the show was starting, Non from Deep Girl (who had performed earlier in the evening) appeared over on my right in street clothes, lugging an overstuffed backpack and jostling for a spot near the stage. When the Ultramarines realized who it was, they offered her a spot up front. She tried to decline but eventually accepted a front row spot far stage left. I caught a couple glances of her during the show and she was going just as nuts as the rest of us.

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