Idols + Bands: Who Ya Got?!

I usually use that kind of title formulation for when it’s time to pit idols against each other in ridiculous scenarios, but in this case the question is literal.

What a great question, Caleb!

So what do you know about? Any idol, solo and/or group, doing live shows with a band/s. I’m assuming band-that-exists-apart-from-the-idol-thing, but Caleb can certainly state that criteria on his ownsome.

Comment here or on that Facebook thread. This has some research value on top of its self-edification, so please do share anything that you know for sure has happened or will soon happen. Video is helpful!

30 thoughts on “Idols + Bands: Who Ya Got?!

  1. Passcode with fear and loathing in Las Vegas playing the instruments live and Yuna and loathing harsh vocalist going back to back on screams, he can also play the synth lines live so would be crazy, not to mention they already use vocoder heavily on the main singer so the girls can jump into it easily enough as they seem to be using it live more now days to.

  2. let’s see:’s backing band “Demdem Band”, Terashima Yufu’s backing band “I wanna be your cat”, Bonyari Idol Kurumin’s band project “BIK and the LIMITS”, Especia being backed by Hi-Fi City and collaborating with ikkubaru, 3776 performing with Gakuensai Gakuen (they also released a collaborative single together), Oyasumi Hologram’s live performances with VMO, Open Reel Orchestra, and Have a Nice Day, among others; BiS performing with Hijokaidan (obviously), Genbaku Onanies, and Vampillia; You’ll Melt More! with Hakoniwa no Shitsunaigaku, Hijokaidan, cinema staff, and probably more groups i can’t remember; BiSH, with… all those various edgy visual bands they’ve performed with at the IDOL x ViSUAL events; Ferrys, with Straight & Palmer; LinQ subunit SRAM, who perform with a backing band of big names from the Kyushu mentai rock scene; 80★PAN!, who performed with the backing band “1 Carat Stones” and also with Matsukuma Kenta’s band Buzz 72+; KOTO’s band project “kotofolic”; RYUTist performing with the Suzuki Satoshi TRIO; Negicco’s NEGiBAND…

    there’s probably a whole lot more that i’m aware of but can’t remember, too

    • ×Open Reel Orchestra
      ○Open Reel Ensemble

      also, i shamefully managed to forget about BiS with KEMURI and Avandoned with Hijokaidan

      • BiS also performed with SuG and The Redemption

        BiSH have performed with MODA SEA, a LUNA SEA cover band, and The Legendary Six Nine among others

      • I think of NDG as a rap group, but they’ve got the trappings of a band as well: a drummer, saxophone, DJ, guy eating noodles out of a mannequin head…

  3. Zekkyou with 6% is Mine, kinda semi-permanent and Kai and Montero have played guitar and drums respectively during such. Zekkyou also have songs produced by Nejishiki and so sometimes appear with Nejishiki’s band.

    Guso Drop occasionally appear with a band, at first was a guy from GLARD, and a few of Daichi’s old bandmates. Nowadays I dunno.

    2& also occasionally appears, usually with Brown Burny (Daichi’s most recent ex-band) who did some of the earlier 2& songs originally with Daichi singing).

    Going back a ways but Lolisyn 1st gen used to perform with a group called Slipperknot.

    Finally, there are occasionally some big little events at Otsuka Hearts+ featuring I love you Orchestra and Geekstreeks who usually invite some idols (usually Zekkyou, Guso Drop, 2&, Next Shoujo Jiken, Tsukitai, Petit Pas or others from the A minor/Dinco/AkeyP/Asuka happy family of friends) to participate in somewhat freeform jazz improvisation djent-covers of the idol’s songs.

    • The latter often followed by copious drinking in the izakaya upstairs to the extent that instead of a Zekkyou fanclub member card like Guso Drop give you, their “member card” is a points card for this drinking establishment.

  4. Oyasumi Hologram also performed with a band including Momose Jun on violin, I dunno if they all had an official name but it was great. You’ll Melt More collaborated perfectly with POLYSICS. I think they shared a stage at @JAM this year, though I don’t think a video ever surfaced!

    *in a low, horrible voice* also momoclo and kiss

  5. Zekkyou Suru 60-do with 6% is MINE is one of the best idol x band collaborations and the first one to come to mind. Oyasumi Hologram had a performance with Violent Magic Orchestra (VMO). Of course there is BABYMETAL with the KAMI BAND. LADYBABY has their backing band Cawaii Chaos led by HAJIMETAL.

  6. The girls of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku side project 五五七二三二〇 (5572320) with KenKen (the bassist from RIZE), Hideki Aoyama (drummer from Kami Band/BABYMETAL), and guitarist Tsuneo Imahori / 「ポンパラ ペコルナ パピヨッタ」(POMPARA PEKOLUNA PAPIYOTTA)

    Try this link if video is region blocked:

    First public live in Shinjuku:

  7. Pour Lui (and Natsu no Mamono) have performed with Hisaishi from GLAY, who himself is not a band, but I just don’t feel like being productive at work right now.

  8. Necroma occasionally does shows with FOXPILL CULT. I think Okaki sang a song with them. Nyx and IDOLS ELEGY feature/ written by some members, actually. Hina sang a few songs with NDG at her birthday show.

    VMO has played with more than few Idol units, but their NEUROMANCER remix single with OYSM drops next week.

    Someone played with Rob Halford, I can’t remember whom…

    The two other ones I thought of have been already mentioned.

    • That was at Saitama Super Arena that year. They must have been licking their chops knowing that they would have that massive arena all to themselves the following year.

  9. The Kamen Joshi x Gacharic Spin
    This collaboration has happened on several occasions.
    Cool to see Hana,Chopper and the girls get masked.

  10. Neggico don’t really get considered “Alt-y”, although I do believe you could make a case that they are indeed pretty “alt”, have their own house band, called …………. the NEGiBand. 😀

    But they also have played frequently onstage with a few hip rock bands, Bradio, OKAMOTO’S, and Triceratops to name a few….

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