Idol Overseas Summer Invasion 2024

Summer is almost upon us and a bunch of our favorite idols are undertaking overseas expeditions to come and see us!! Or, perhaps, they just want to escape the heat and humidity of Japan. Either way, it means that your chances of being able to see an idol live without leaving your home country are at a record high. 

While major hitters ATARASHII GAKKO! and BABYMETAL are tearing through Europe and Southeast Asia all summer long, a bunch of our indie and underground  idol favorites are venturing overseas in the next few months as well, such as:

GARUDA and Yurapico (UK & EU)

First up, GARUDA and Yurapico are kicking off the summer by heading to the UK, Netherlands, and Germany for their Zukkyun June Tour.

Friend of Homicidols, Beyond Senpai, have collected all of the details on concert, VIP and offkai events and tickets in one convenient place

Miho (US)

Miho will be making her US debut performance on June 15th in Los Angeles.

Details and tickets are available via Idol Underworld.


Isiliel (US, UK, & EU)

Isiliel will be launching her 2024 Moonbow Crusade world tour with dates in the US in June, London in July, and Köln in August. Tickets for the Köln dates have not been announced, but here are links for the other summer dates:

VIP packs are available on the Isiliel Bandcamp Page.

Kaigai Idols and Premium Maids (US)

Shortly after Isiliel leaves town, the folks behind some of the recent west coast idol fests are hosting their first Idol Party in LA featuring a bunch of kaigai idols including Berry (ex. Sorb3t).  There will also be a special guest appearance by Premium Maids Mizikin, Hitomi, and Chimu (aka Team Saboten) of At-Home Cafe.

VIP tickets are already sold out, but general tix are still available.

BABYBEARD (Australia)

From late June through early July, BABYBEARD will launch their Adorable Assault on Australia tour.

As a nice bonus, they will be supported at each stop by local talent and interstellar kaigai idols including Homicidols Best Overseas Idol nominee, PAiDA, who is dropping by from outer space via the US. 

RAY (South Korea)

RAY will be visiting South Korea in July and performing shows with some of our favorite live idols including X!DENT, NEKIRU, and C.LiTZ.

BPM15Q (US???)



BiS will FINALLY make their Western debut this August at WACK in the UK Vol. 3 alongside agency-mates MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN TONAi BOUSHO a.k.a. MONSTERIDOL and the third UK appearance of ASP.

We haven’t seen a link for tickets yet, but we will pass it along as soon as we spot one.

Yurapico, BABYBEARD (US)

To close out the summer, Yurapico will be appearing over Memorial Day weekend at Saboten Con in Phoenix, Arizona. After stupid COVID tragically torpedoed the scheduled 2020 appearance of BURST GIRL, Yurapico will finally be making her US debut!!

Following a well-deserved rest after their adorable assault of Australia, BABYBEARD will also be gracing Saboten Con with their kawaii countenance.


While September is officially autumn, we are compelled by diabolical forces beyond our control to mention the return to Europe of Satanic Punish with friends GARUDA and DIABLEVOIX.

Did we miss anybody? Probably. Let us know over on the Homicidols Discord server.