Idol International: BiSH Reviewed in French Magazine ‘Coyote’

Per Pascal Hatton on Facebook, here’s a very cool bit of news: The French J-culture mag Coyote reviewed FAKE METAL JACKET. BiSH! In France!

Scan of BiSH review Fake Metal Jacket in French magazine Coyote

Pascal provided a handy translation:

Thought up as the direct successor of BiS by the producer Watanabe Junnosuke, BiSH (Brand New Idol SHit) consists of six singers/dancers in the service of particularly dynamic and clever music. Pop melodies over a rock instrumentation and pop-punk energy form a powerful, exciting and inventive result that already won a beautiful (deserved) success in the Japanese charts. “Alternative idols” lovers will be spellbound!

— Christophe Lorentz

It’s just a small thing, but it’s a step. I want to see them covered in Rolling Stone.

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