Idol Eulogy: Thank you Cococo!

I should be getting ready for the Koutei Camera Drei show I’m going to see tonight, but I still can’t shake the feeling of dread. Losing both Guso Drop and Cococo on the same weekend is really tough.

So basically, I have gone rogue and despite Sari being the democratically elected oshi of, I want to dedicate an entire post to Cococo’s departure because she’s plain amazing.

Just half a year ago, Canada was graced by Tsurezure’s first oversea live tour, as one of the bands of Next Music From Tokyo. And yet, five months later, we are reminded of the ephemeral conditions of idol through the departure of Cococo.

Although my professed and explicit love for Shidare, Cococo really grew on me during the live and the interview I conducted. She’s just the right mix of powerful and welcoming. And WHAT A VOICE. Let’s be real. While our twintail powerhouse, our quiet blonde and our braided cat-lover are all excellent at screaming and singing, Cococo’s voice was honeyed. Not saccharine, but almost intoxicating.

I was really blown away when I learned that Cococo both sew and even made the costumes for “Sixth Fall Roar.” Her multiple talents were really endearing.

I encourage you to follow the Japanese Gunjou initiative to tweet your best Cococo memories and your chekis using the hashtag #子子子ありがとう starting at 9:00 p.m. JST (that is, right now).

Indeed, thank you Cococo for giving the best of yourself for a year and we wish you utmost success in all your future endeavours.

Maniac: Co3 was my favorite part of the 100 Days, by far. I’m going to miss her and will always wonder whether she was fully cured of her Penguin Fever.

2 thoughts on “Idol Eulogy: Thank you Cococo!

  1. I will never look at penguins the same way again (sheds a single tear).
    You are dead on about her voice and it’s not just her singing voice, I loved her speaking voice the few times I heard it. I torn between her and Yotsu as my favorite Codomoidol for the longest time, but Co-cubed’s sultry speaking voice put her over the top for me.
    Here’s interview video where you can here it at about 4 minutes in.

    Hopefully we’ll see her singing again, likely with a different nom de guerre and as a solo artist or at the very least she’ll get more modeling work as she is kind of ridiculously pretty.

  2. Cococo will definitely be missed. She gave 110% on both nights that I saw YSTZ perform here in Toronto. I actually just went back and cut together my video clips from the Lee’s Palace edition of NMFT10. The sound and lighting were better at the Rivoli but I cleaned up the clips the best I could.

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