I Very Much Prefer This Kind of Graduation News

I was chatting with Phillter yesterday about odds and ends, idols and life, things like that, and he mentioned that Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, who I believe are literally the biggest idols in the history of Yamaguchi Prefecture, were having some graduations themselves.

Now, YKG does what they do, and they probably do it as well as anybody. They’re not a huge deal, but they’re a big enough deal, and they’ve been going for years. From everything that I’ve seen, they seem like they’re well-managed and treated relatively respectfully (often as good as you can hope for!), and they seem like they have fun with it out there.


I usually prefer to have non-catastrophic graduations in the Weekender, but Phillter felt like doing a little translation job, and I thought that it might be nice to look at what can be the case when idols are ready to leave their group, under normal and acceptable and non-terrible terms.

We really thank you for regularly supporting Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen.

Now, however, I have to share some sad news with you all.

As the title says, “Haruno Yamatsuka[?]” and “Momoko Okamura[?]” will be retiring from Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen.

The two of them successfully passed auditions in 2011 and had the opportunity to join this group. Since then, as members they have been a supportive combination [to the group], and having to make this public announcement, this all feels like our [the management’s] fault. [Note: there is no tone of drama or anything, it just sounds like management is blaming themselves in an apologetic way.] For all of you who have supported these two girls for the past ~5 years, we are full of nothing but apologetic feelings.

There are separate blurbs and all kinds of apologies and this-is-business-but-it’s-regretful language if you read the whole thing. But there it is; two group members felt like they were reaching the point where idol wasn’t part of the future, and they had other things going on, so. And management said “okay great job thanks for everything see you” instead of “that crazy bitch is lying.”

Idol’s never the most savory business in the world, but it can be done with a modicum of decency, you know?

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