I Think PassCode Wins the Mannequin Challenge, You Guys

Man, things may be light on the news-and-releases front at the moment, but there are plenty of gems anyway.

We’ve seen some idols step up to the Mannequin Challenge (including Maki seeming to not understand the point), but the scale here is bonkers:

If only we could have anticipated that a public-performance meme on the scale of the Mannequin Challenge was going to happen. We could’ve voted on that! Oh well.

Now I want to see PassCode up their degree of difficulty by freezing in the middle of a Yuna scream, really try to capture the moment when a 22-year-old is warping space-time itself with the power of her voice. It’s like an angle for the sure-to-be-terrible inevitable sixth season of Stranger Things!

4 thoughts on “I Think PassCode Wins the Mannequin Challenge, You Guys

  1. Very impressive! My relative indifference towards passcode has completely transformed into genuine hype, just in the past few months. (Thanks in large part to this blog!) I feel like I’ve got some catching up to do.

  2. Whenever “Ninja Bomber” came out, I think that’s when I was finally like “Oh! I need to pay closer attention!” I was aware of them as something I liked, but there’s TOO – MANY – THINGS to keep track of! Another thing I can thank you for… Any kind of comprehensive compendium website plus my obsessive FOMO is a dangerous combination.
    I don’t think it’s just me, though. Their sound really improved this year!

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