I Think I’m Ready for Broken By The Scream

I think, especially because I’m listening to this on a cell phone in an elevator in an old hotel, so forgive me for missing the nuance and thereby not pretending to discuss it. Just … the upcoming Broken By The Scream album has its trailer out, and go ahead and tell me who’s doing better metal+idol right now:

Like, AN ALIEN’S PORTRAIT doesn’t need to be an earth-shaking multi-continental accomplishment; it just needs to be metal as fuck, by idols, and so far, so good. I’d say that the mission’s accomplished. Though Krv did tell me a funny thing about their TIF set that I’ll add in the comments if you’re interested.

8 thoughts on “I Think I’m Ready for Broken By The Scream

    • I was hoping that Krv would have replied, so you’ll have to take this third-hand, but: A pit broke out, as you would expect, except that the rules ban pits of all types. Security guards tried to break it up and were rewarded by being sucked into and incorporated into said pit.

      Also BBTS apparently doesn’t do live harsh vocals, which makes me sad despite understanding why.

      • I’ve seen them live and they most certainly do their vocals live, there is just a vocal backing track in the mix to help pad things out as their studio stuff is layered vocal wise a lot (which is common in these kinds of genres)

  1. anyones doing metal and idol better than them since i dont consider deathcore to be metal. fight me!

    • No idea of what deathcore is but the music on the trailer sounds metal enough, no? Terms aside, I think it’s one of the most exciting things in the scene right now. I even have some faith in the earth-shaking multi-continental accomplishment happening here.

      • deathcore is a genre thats is universally hated by metalheads everywhere. (it was populair with the whole emo/scene kids trend 10 years ago)
        its influenced by hardcore ( the bad kind) and death metal. but you dont often see deathcore fans that actually like death metal its really on its own and shares no real unity with the metal community.

        and yeah deathcore is the genre that BBTS takes from. vocal style, riffs and breakdowns etc.

        my opinions are biased, i know that, i’m just another deathcore hater. 😉

        • Sounds complicated… I assume BBTS is not too much to your liking, then? That’s fine, but you better watch out for those J-poppy chorus parts at least! There’s a serious risk to get hooked!

          • Don’t worry about it too much it’s just like when metalcore came about and people criticised that at first and then the same happened with nu-metal as well, the metal gatekeepers are the worst and anything not ‘trve’ enough is always put down or discredited, best to just ignore them and listen to whatever you enjoy.

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