I Think Hys Is Gonna Be Fun

Hey, you know what? Let’s do a new idol thing. Haven’t done too much of that lately, but I have minutes and I am motivated!

I like when you guys ping me with idol things. One, I get to vicariously experience your excitement; two, I like learning about new idols, especially now that I don’t get to spend time on the scroll like in the good ol’ days*. So thanks Andrew! We’ve been waiting on this group to make something shareable happen for a very little while, they having very slowly come into being since, well, we’ll get to that part. But January basically. And now they have a true PV!

That’s Hys (Twitter), whose name you can both kind of immediately infer re: its origins and intent but also plays a little bit of perhaps unintentional havoc on your brain when you get into the phonetics but aw heck who even knows anymore man it’s Japanese, and who … actually, this is amazing. Go to their Twitter and scroll backwards. It doesn’t take that long — the group only just revealed members a couple of weeks ago and like hasn’t debuted etc. — but get back to the origin:

And then scroll up! Right up until stuff starts to get serious about the member reveal and all that jazz, it’s like getting directly into producer-san’s head on an erratic and irregular pathway toward Making Idol, and it’s full of neat little moments like “I was inspired by EMPiRE’s outfits”:

It’s actually not all that gripping, actually, but might be worth the two minutes of investigation!

Anyway, the official debut in a couple of weeks yet, so stay tuned for more loud stuff. They’re from Nagoya, which auotmatically increases the odds that they’ll be ~72% more interesting than the average Akiba knock-off and attract approximately three Western wota. But they sound like a very enthusiastic mashup of multiple concurrent trends in chika and obscure their faces like how MMM used to, so it’s all good in the hood.