I scream, you scream, we all scream for new Zenkimi MVs!

If it’s all my fault, I’ll do this more often; Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da has graced us with two new MVs in two days. While both are to promote their re-recorded albums Q.E.D and Q.E.D. Bi with the current seven members lineup, they switched things up a bit by picking songs that never got an MV before!

The lucky winners are Kimi Kimi Syndrome X and Cult Scream (and, of course, you the fan who is getting two brand new music videos).

(Flashing lights warning for the Cult Scream MV)

The Kimi Kimi Syndrome X MV is set in a school and narrates a completely devastating story. As I will spell it out now, consider yourself warned that this paragraph is 100% a spoiler. The girls are all attending the same school. Megumi allows in the nostalgia of listening to the original Kimi Kimi Syndrome X recording while Oyatsu is on the roof, longing for days past. Downstairs, the An-Fufu-Kasane trio is chatting in a lively way in class while Kotetsu and Mei are leisurely bringing documents to the teacher’s room. As Megumi’s anguish and loneliness heightens, the others suddenly feel a distress signal coming from her direction and run to her help. However, in the most heartbreaking surprise, as they run toward her they simply cannot see her. They exist in the same plane and yet, Megumi is but a mere ghost. I dare you to look at her expression as Mei bumps into her and to feel nothing.

The Kimi Kimi Syndrome MV has two sets of costumes, western-style school uniforms that are tailored to fit each girl’s member color and a more idol-y costume also reflecting member colours. I love that the plaid neckbow on each costume has polka dots added to reflect the member colour, I think it’s a really cute touch!

The Cult Scream MV, on the other side, is a flashy eyecandy fest. Dressed in frilly clothes ranging from maid to nun with the occasional stop in Gothic Lolita fashion, they each have touch of leather and studs for that extra edge, making it a well balanced mix of sweet and aggressive. The different sets include a band, a table and a healthy amount of high contrast and stylish editing. There isn’t much to say except that you need to experience it yourself. I especially loved the scenes where the singer’s space in invaded by hands, as it conveys simultaneously a deeply uncomfortable feeling as well as an intimacy of sorts with the soft touch of the hands on the face.


I think these two albums are the crème de la crème of Codomomental rerecordings and I hope you get to enjoy the MVs as much as I did. Several release events should be coming up for Q.E.D. Bi on Youtube, so keep your eyes peeled on the Codomomental Youtube Channel if you’d like to catch one of them!