I Made You a KIRAKIRA GERIRA Playlist for Tuesday

I have been trying for days, no joke, to get this out for you guys. You’d think it’d be easy — it’s just a YouTube playlist! — but I kept running into little obstacles and annoyances and “I guess I’ll just do it for tomorrow” and, well, here we are, most of a week later.

It’s KIRAKIRA GERIRA, who I’ve fielded a very nice request to refer to as KIRAKIRA GUERILLA, which yes, I agree, that’s accurate, but then I looked at a bunch of their web stuff and it’s always GERIRA, so there we’ll stay.

They added a bunch of live video last week, from two separate sets, so here you go:

I’m so ashamed of being a terrible layabout that I’m not even going to READ MORE this thing. Just look at the performances and listen to the music. W00t.