I Love This New SAKA-SAMA Song

I will happily put myself down on the record as being a fan of SAKA-SAMA. Part of the Trash-Up!! stable that always has such glorious acts associated with it, they’re in a really cool creative churn with everybody from Dots to Avandoned and various points beyond and in between.

I will also admit to almost always just skipping the latest live videos that make their way onto the official Trash-Up!! channel on YouTube, which is a great channel, but which also has gone through serious runs of publishing the same few songs over and over again because idol.

Yesterday was different, though, and “Mirrorical Underground” is great!

What a composition. There’s so much fuzz in there that I feel like I could knit a sweater, and then that very Doors-like break toward the end? Love it. And I was annoyed that I didn’t get to write about it until just now, but: Happy Sunday! It’s a holiday weekend here in the United States, so I’m hoping against hope that nobody (like Zenkimi) does anything too cute and makes me miss things while I’m not paying attention.