I Love This New One from PLIC PROCK So Much

Man, you guys, I’m kind of mad that I’m only publishing this piece now; it deserved better. But! Here we are, it’s Monday, and this is a great way to kick-start the week.

PLIC PROCK! The idols formerly known as Parallel Japan and formerly known as Parallel 5 and often just called Parallel. About a year ago, I thought that they might have themselves a proper breakout, being that they’re a) good b) loud and c) pretty friggin’ good dancers to boot. I don’t think it ever happened, and, other than the re-brand as PLIC PROCK back at the first of the year, they’ve been quiet.

Until yesterday!

Thank you, Caleb!


an, I enjoy that.

Remember, PLIC PROCK has had probably the worst long-term career arc of anybody: As Aina recounted from her time with them, they were a bunch of backup dancers who thought they could take the next step, kind of like Q’ulle (except Danceroid was a thing in its own right), only to have: members (including Aina) leave; people promise them breaks and steal their money instead; their relationship with Daichi’s A-minor not work out; their new name make like no sense! The point is, they’re troopers like none others, they work as hard as anybody, they’re loud and interesting and they deserve your support — they’re DIY enough that the “Signal OnMe” video was DIY!

And to reiterate, they’re pretty much the best dancers in loudol; here’s a dance over of (vocaloid) Kagamine Rin’s “The Lost One’s Weeping”:

Which is an incredible song

I’m happy as hell for you, PLIC PROCK. I hope you sell the crap out of this single.