I Love Idol Collaborations!

I really, really do. Why, I don’t know, because normally putting together Artist A with Artist B is a hit-or-miss proposition, and I get really tired of half-baked attempts to either match likes by putting their butt ends together, or jamming the negative ends of magnets together until space-time rips and we fall into an alternate universe where all performers are contractually obligated to include Zac Brown in at least one track per album. Not with idols, though! Even when it “doesn’t work,” which is a subjective measurement of impossibilium — how can anything that adds idol to idol to make more idol be bad? — a collaboration between individuals or units is just about always worth tuning in.

And so it was that sentimental site fave AIBECK (hi An’z!) hooked up with blink-and-you’ll-miss-them unit Sola Sound:

This is AIBECK’s sixth(!) single, but the first (to my knowledge) to be a direct collaboration with another group. And that group is Sola Sound! The ever-elusive idol jabberwocky that I still can barely relate to given their okapi-like fear of being seen in natural light (or whatever it is that keeps them from ever releasing video). Exciting stuff.

Oh, and the song’s pretty solid, too. One thing that you can count on in AIBECK’s compositions? A little extra extra, a flair that I can appreciate.

Relevant info for buying the single:

I thought I saw something about Sola Sound closing up shop before too much longer, but I’ll be darned if I can find it now. If you know what’s up, comment!