I Literally Cannot Believe That AND CRAZY Is Back

Aside from being one of the all-time great free agent pickups in idol blogging history, I’ve always been able to rely on one Chris Winsall, Mr. Toxic Breakfast himself, for adroit plucking of otherwise obscure excellence from the idol heap and shaking it in my face until I embrace it with all the enthusiasm required. And now that he’s on Team, it even happens quietly! The note the other day was one of the weirdest shots out of the dark that I’ve had in a while, and I’m completely here for it.

Friends. You guys. AND CRAZY is back.

I will not pretend to know the hows or whys. Hell, I don’t even care — I spent the first half of that video trying to get some kind of confirmation that my girl Ritsuka were somehow involved again, and then was more focused on going through their Twitter account to really gauge anything of import, but holy heck, this is very kind of awesome and extremely softly-chuckling-to-myself exciting. Truly, in idol, what is dead may never die. But yeah, this has been brewing since the summer apparently, and frankly how would any of us have noticed, the original group had been out of commission for so long.

But here we go! They’re AND CRAZY BREAK now, which fine. Four new members, modernized look, sound similar to the last but again a little bit modernized. If I may, I should point out that there was a time a few years ago when what I always called & Crazy was in fact kind of a big deal as far as these things go/went at the time in chika idol, and while they weren’t part of the cool kids scene that most Western wota glommed on to, they were thoroughly enjoyable and a very convincing blend of harder rock sounds with pretty straightforward idol presentation. And then they did that promo spot with the dancing fart monster and they became dear to my heart forever.

There is no fart monster here, obviously, just a good song and fine intro video for the new regime. Good luck to you, kids!