I Liked This POPPiNG EMO Song So Much That I Needed to Make an Inane Post about It

Color me very impressed by the raw amount of good stuff this week, and how much we covered it. It had been a while! Heck, when was the last time I managed three in a day? That goes back a good while, it does. So in the interests of keeping the momentum going and because I did kind of promise myself that I’d do it anyway and because I mean what I say in the title, it’s a killer song and we all could use a nice boost to close the week and look ahead to what’s a three-dayer here in the USA, I present to you the latest from POPPiNG EMO, formally dropped a couple of days ago but frankly something that you may wind up sticking on playlists for a while:

Now tell me if you had basically the same listening experience, or something akin or even something wildly different.

Admittedly, I almost immediately dismissed the track before the SCRAMBLES took over, and frankly what a SCRAMBLES takeover it is — other than the fact that the instrumentation leaned really heavily toward general J-rock conventions for a minute, I thought to myself “this is one of the most SCRAMBLES songs to ever SCRAMBLES.” It even has unnecessary piano! But then an interesting thing happened. I’m still trying to process it, actually. See, instead of just doing the normal thing and delivering the hook and then coasting home, or even the more typical SCRAMBLES thing and beating us over the head with the hook and going for maximum emotional investment before an abrupt ending, the song just got awesome. I’m talking rose-from-uninspired-power-pop-to-rocking-my-damn-face-off awesome.

This of course spawned a brief search into whether I could acquire “Goodbye My Dear” from any service other than YouTube, perhaps even in physical medium now that international shipping is in recovery, and of course the answer immediately appeared to be no, which itself then led to my re-discovering for the umpteenth time that POPPiNG EMO doesn’t do “releases” so much as they manage a straightforward and frankly remarkably savvy all-digital operation that … actually I have no idea how this group makes money. They sell a ton of venue-only stuff? Help me out.

Anyway, happy Friday.