I Just Enjoy What Gokigen Teikoku Does

I find myself going toward this Gekijo-ban well a lot lately, and the fact is that they’re aggressive about getting their stuff in front of you and want it to be fun. No, they aren’t the hardest or heaviest or cursest or rebelest, but they’re gamely doing their thing on their terms and really just want to entertain while they do it. I like to do my part in kind.

You’ve probably seen this pop up on Twitter any one of the several times per day that it goes out:

It’s easier if you just submit

You should, because, as Pure Idol Heart describes them, there is something “visionary” about the way they do their business.

It’s in things like this, their various antics cataloged for your forever amusement:

And they tweet out a lot of live footage, including this lyric video that you can only follow if you can Japanese:

And just like Homicidols.com, they have rules that they want you to follow!

There’s a serious-business MV supposedly coming down the road one of these days, and I’m just the tiniest bit afraid of what they’ll have come up with for it.