I Indulge Myself: Negicco+Especia=Negipecia

While looking briefly through some YouTube stuff this morning, I was reminded that two of my favorite “regular” idol groups, Negicco and Especia, once did a collaboration, and that collaboration is very nice. Because you should like good music regardless of what that music is, I’m sharing it because it’s my damn site and you aren’t obligated to do anything so stop complaining.

I’d be lying if I pretended even for a second to not be a huge mark for Negicco. They make nice, sweet, cool music, and they’ve been together damn near forever by any standard, sort of predating this current Warring Idols Period and, honestly, being like the most idol thing imaginable (Hi, we were put together to promote onions by a local trade board! Problem?) without having to go to the kinds of pornosocial lengths that the 48s and those who follow their standards do. Here’s a playlist.

Especia don’t have near the same kind of vintage or … pedigree? I dunno. Much newer, more typical of the current era, but also seriously cool (and maybe a group that I’d feature on the sister site) and fun. They also have a loose connection to the homicidoliest side of idol, as they’re a SCRAMBLES production, too. A playlist to prove it!