I Hope You’re Ready for Koutei Camera Gal

As promised in the Weekender a la the ongoing hip-hop idol life of LaLa Sugar and friends, here are two of those friends and their most recent work:

Yep. Koutei Camera Gal. There was a nice little buzz when this video appeared yesterday, and deserved, because Everything Camera Girl/Gal and Also Their Sucessors is cool as hell.

This is actually the lead single for their upcoming album, which is of course on Soundcloud, which is where they put just about everything good about themselves:

I honestly adore Tapestok Records. I wish the projects could have more sustainability to them, but go ahead and try to tell me that a) this ish isn’t funky as hell and b) you’d bet against them in an idol rap battle.

And now we wait patiently for Mister Mister to dislike the rapping!

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