I Hope You’re Ready for a New Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Album

If you are, maybe the world is.

Egoistic Eat Issues(!) will grace us with its presence in September. It will undoubtedly have enough synths to start a cosmetic surgery clinic in Napa.

Snark aside, FINALLY. That feels really weird to type in reality (it’s not like they haven’t been releasing a-plenty this year), but I’m just putting it into perspective. Zenkimi basically released something new every couple of months last year, with Tsurezure catching up in the latter half, but things have slowed down just the tiniest bit at Codomomental HQ this year (except for this whole business). They also felt a lot more visible in the past for some reason, when the reality is that they’re as popular and well-known as they’ve ever been and should hopefully see that grow, as they’re getting back to doing idol fest kinds of activity, too:

From a business perspective: Banmon! Zenkimi! New album! Things are looking good!

From a human rights perspective: Why the hell did anything think it’d be a good idea to put the MIGMA SHELTER Leader Currently Known as Yoneko in the same vicinity as Yotsu? Were there not enough beetles with their wings pulled off or something?

3 thoughts on “I Hope You’re Ready for a New Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Album

  1. The Zenkimi album is my most looked forward to release of this year. I’ve absolutely loved everything they have been doing lately.

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