I Haven’t Mentioned Billie Idle in Three Days, for Shame

Ever since the rather epic bit of news that hit late Thursday/Friday, which itself was roughly the end of the the hottest Billie Idle streak in the history of Homicidols.com, it’s felt like, okay, now we can all take a minute to relax and move on to other idols.

Nope! In fact, it’s starting to feel like Billie Idle are having themselves a moment.

Let’s see. Well, there’s that whole Pharrell thing. And getting play on magazine covers:

And, as Jim pointed me to on Facebook the other day, they had themselves a very cool launch live for bi bi bi bi bi on Idle Talk.

That’s Nozomi’s song; before you think HOW RUDE, the whole premise is about getting help from your friends, and I can’t think of a better way to lift up an idol who’s lacking in the skills department

I’m really happy for them. The only thing left to do is to realize their destiny and start playing outside of Japan, where they’ll become the idol version of the Go-Go’s and cause me to lapse into a coma from being in the same time zone as First Summer Uika.

4 thoughts on “I Haven’t Mentioned Billie Idle in Three Days, for Shame

  1. *throws a brick through the window of the Homicidols office*
    Heard you talkin’ yang about Nozomi’s skills!
    Their new album is VERY good. If they get a few new eyes/ears because of the Pharrell tweet, it’s good that they have a really strong brand new album to show off.
    BTW did I not predict the Pharrell thing? I like how Uika did a customary English Instagram post afterward; it seems to be the thing to do if you notice an influx of western ~engagement~ on social media.

    • Now now, we all love Noni just the way she is.

      You did kind of call that, though, didn’t you? Or at least goad them into it. When BI hits Vancouver, are you going to let them crash at your place?

      • In this fantasy scenario, am I already living with Yasui Yuuhi?
        If they get too NIGO-y, they’ll have so much style blog clout that they’ll NEVER leave Tokyo and it’ll backfire on us!

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