I Have Happy Feelings about This New One from C-Style

Once upon a time, C-Style held this almost mythic quality for me. They were “out there” in the sense that you’d see their name associated with all of these events, they were known for slapping their fans after gigs, they had this weird samurai thing going on, etc., but they were also kind of inaccessible in that they were a tough group to find in a music-and-or-video sense. I eventually got all of that sorted out, and they were one of my “performance” favorites — I liked the idea of them and what they did far more than was warranted by the limited musical media I could get to — and I made what felt like good-faith efforts to promote them.

That was a long time ago! Like literal years! Since then, reality and the impositions of life have made ol’ C-Style part of the Post If You Can cohort of idol notables. In other words, if they ain’t releasing, I’m a terrible follower and not posting, and this being well-established chika idol, it usually means maybe two posts a year, at best. But this time, friends? We’re breaking a record since the last one.

That’s right! There’s a new single (out when? who knows!), and that begets a new MV, and this is Monday and it’ll put you in a good mood, so watch it:

This is a cover, apparently, and so there’s oodles of context that I’m completely divorced from. And that’s okay! The point isn’t, hey, look at this thing and here’s an encyclopedia to back it up; it’s, hey, look at this thing, and now that you’ve seen it you can go explore that all for yourself. Kind of meta-tastically fits into the theme of the video, even.

And now that’s two C-Style posts in the same six months!

As a bonus (and because I’m not going to do the previously usual thing for this event), here’s their entry for Idol Matsuri: