I Have a New Favorite Thing This Week: Meet Heart Pochicon

I often say that it’s important to follow X, Y and/or Z to keep up with idol news, and that goes for each other — everybody has their own taste and interests, and you can run down some really interesting rabbit holes just by looking through another person’s feed. So it was with Jul yesterday, when a random-seeming RT turned out to be something genuinely kind of cool.

Great start!

That is Heart Pochicon (Twitter). If I were still College Maniac, I’d probably have already booked my tickets to Japan.

Here’s a recent clip:

Less recent:

This is fascinating. See, in asking Jul what the deal with this new-looking group was, I learned a new word: “kimoi.”

Like all sensible people who want to understand what the kids are talking about these days, I turned to Urban Dictionary and didn’t get much more help. Fortunately, Twitter came to the rescue.

Not safe for kids!

Now I get it! They smoke! They drink! They … are sexually adventurous! They’re trashy! You guys’ll fit right now. Also because they have two sets on YouTube and that’s it, and the one that I didn’t already show you is this one of their debut. The sound mixer is a butthole.

They’re having fun!

7 thoughts on “I Have a New Favorite Thing This Week: Meet Heart Pochicon

  1. Well, I looks I need to quit my day job to keep up with all the awesome that keeps being found out there.

    • Oh see, I think that’s what I like the most. Not in the usual “I like idols and invest myself in their crappiness turning out okay” but in a “this is like some what commentary on idol or maybe just two weirdos who wanted to get in on the action.” I usually care that either the voices or the instrumentation are within “pretty good” range, and NOPE, nothing of the sort here! Just a pair of lunatics who left all of their fucks at the door.

  2. I’m an old punk rocker and I don’t need voices and instrumentation to be “pretty good”. Dead Kennedys is a good example of a group that could barely play their instruments but had great musicality

    • I love DK, but I’m pretty sure they were butt in the first few months of their existence, too. Hell, the Germs never stopped being butt and are still worth the time because Darby knew exactly what he was doing.

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