I Had an Even Better Reaction to Pikarin’s Latest

And speaking of videos that came out yesterday and I temporarily had to shelve in the interests of time, Pikarin joined Guso Drop in making good on a teaser video for her most recent release:

Man, I think we got played!

Or, more specifically, Shiina had previously suggested that this release would be more in line with her previous work; that is to say, more denpa-y and poppy. Which, fine idea, that stuff’s selling how hotcakes anymore, but she’d just spent a good little while building up her demonic persona, so how would that really play?

As it turns out: As what’s probably my favorite thing she’s ever done. Yeah, there’s plenty of denpa in there, but that’s generally a good thing in my book, all manic energy and beats that can’t be pinned down, with brutal little breaks and … okay, I could probably do without the harsh vocals in this case (took me in a very TIFKAL direction, to stick with a theme, it did), but the overall piece is plenty solid, like if you gave creative control over a Dempagumi.inc song to syva.

So if the future of Pikarin is more of a blend of her Avex and post-Avex selves, and this a taste of that, then we’re going to be pretty okay, I think.

2 thoughts on “I Had an Even Better Reaction to Pikarin’s Latest

  1. Yeah, this is probably my favorite Pikarin song so far and it’s also, uh, just as heavy if not heavier than her previous work?

    Also, that part about hotcakes makes no sense.

  2. I can’t spend a day in Japan without a combini baumkuchen, so I am SO on board with this.

    Baumukuchen! Baumukuchen!

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