I Guess We’ll Just Have to Settle for Another New Zenkimi Member

Last night, during A-to-J’s podcast (that Terry was on on!), I tried to blurt into the chat the question of what the big announcement that Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da had been teasing would turn out to be; it was Megumi’s birthday show, and I’ve been riding the Megumi’s-going-to-graduate-to-focus-on-business rail for months, so I stuck to my not-prediction while others suggested that maybe, given their other recent updates, the best bet would be a new member.

This is why you shouldn’t listen to me.

Just the fact that the machine translation puts AZA in her name, and she’s got the twin tails … rude

Her name is Mikuchiyo Mene. Go say hi. Our Anonifriend made a very good Back to the Future joke about her cheki ticket on account of her name being written with the usual wordplay to imply that she’s a time traveler from the far-off future. These are good jokes to make!

But in seriouser business, Zenkimi is back to full strength. Or weakness, however you want to interpret that. Five members. They should do us a favor and release some un-backed live video of the full group so we can appreciate how the new membership sounds. I also wonder — were Mene and Togare fans before they joined? The possibility is terrifying.

6 thoughts on “I Guess We’ll Just Have to Settle for Another New Zenkimi Member

  1. I didn’t expect to be this happy with the new members choice. Sure, it feels different than it was with Gomochi and Aza, but the cohesive feeling I get from the group is really great. Also happy to see a darker colour here!

  2. I’m gonna miss aza and gomochi but the new girls look great, i really really cant wait for a live or a mv with the whole group. High hopes for both of them!!

  3. The very first thing I said when I saw her was “hell yeah she has the Kikuchi Moa twintail curls!” I’m in love with her already. It’s cool to see she’s in charge of the dark blue (midnight blue/Prussian blue?) color too. Nice break from all the pastel.

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