I Guess It’s as Good a Time as Any to Talk about Diamondollfy

This new post from Viz Major (who’s the source of most of today’s stuff) in the Idolmetal group brought up a new song from Diamondollfy, which is a name that rang a bunch of bells and sent me searching the ol’ site to see if we’d gotten there, and all I had was a draft containing the group’s name as the title and two videos that you can enjoy after the jump.

So we didn’t get to them before, is the point, but this is a fantastic opportunity!

Is there anything that doesn’t happen in that song? Have mercy

So Diamondollfy (Twitter). As you can see and hear, it’s a fairly straight-up idol presentation with a sort of shiny, glittery rhinestone fantasy influence (not like Questy). Rock songs? Indeed! Loud rock songs? Somewhat! And also EDM and ska-like sections and, well, it’s fun.

Here’s another lyrics-having video for “Angelic Devil”:

And some live:

Hey, I told you guys that it was backlog season again, and this just happened to be a great opportunity. And tell me that you wouldn’t have this stuff play in the background while you did other stuff. You totally would.

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