I Get Letters: Calling All Musical Talents

Now that I’ve loosened you up for the weekend, I wanted to make good on a request from a person who swears that they’re big fans (yeah, right) but didn’t want to reveal their name (WHAT KIND OF DISHONEST LUNATIC HIDES BEHIND A PSEUDONYM?).

This nameless friend had a question/request: It is known that plenty of us can sing, play instruments, etc. What if, just for fun, we (read: you) did regular musical collaborations, covering the kinds of songs that are big hits ’round these parts?

I find this intriguing. Considering that nobody’s probably aiming to be the next REO Speedwagon around here, and there’s plenty of technology for swapping files and meeting in virtual space, I think it’s perfectly feasible to do community covers on a monthly-or-so basis.

So what do you say? If you’re interested in doing something like this, just holler in the comments. Primarily, say what you can play, but maybe some additional ideas about how to organize and pull off such a thing.

And if you do wind up recording some stuff, I’ll gladly host it and spread it around the Interwebs. There are Babymetal covers a-plenty out there, but why not BiSH or PassCode or Deathrabbits, just for funsies? IT COULD BE YOU!

4 thoughts on “I Get Letters: Calling All Musical Talents

  1. I’d be up for it, I’m a fairly decent singer and passable-ish guitarist (I can do rhythm stuff, nothing very complex though). My mic isn’t great, but I could probably get access to a better one if necessary.

  2. I can do Prong, Candlemass, Biohazard, Duran Duran, The Clash, and Godflesh covers on cue.

    Yah, Low gitfiddle player, but whatevs.

    Let’s do “Nerve”!

  3. It’s a shame I did not ask that inbred Irish girl from Cork to teach me how to play the banjo that was taking up space in the living room of the flat we shared in Dublin. I could have been a great contributor to this project. But alas, it is not to be. (Mind you, I’m not 100 percent sure that girl was really inbred but every other Dub told me that people from Cork usually are. She kinda looked the part though. And she owned a banjo.)

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